Enhancing a woman's silhouette and enhancing a woman's beauty - both contribute to enhancing her confidence-  - L'Wren Scott 

Dutch Catwalk Partners with 
A&E Innovation and Design and 
Silou Elle™
3D Printed Customized 
Bra Inlays & Bra Fit Solutions


The goal of Silou Elle™ is to enhance the Health & Lifestyle choices for all women
by providing Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors and women worldwide with
customized Bra Inlay and Bra Fit Solutions that meet their individual needs

of shape enhancement, breathability, levels of padding, lifting and protection.

Together with some of our global community partners in the Medical, Health & Life Sciences, 3D Printing, Material Development, ICT, Education & Government, we will
soon be launching crowd funding campaign (donations only) across the US,
Latin America Europe, The goal is  Co-Develop our product 
with communities 
that need it the most! 

So please stay in touch and we will get back to you soon.
For additional information contact:  victor.portes@dutchcatwalk.com


Dutch Catwalk LAB Session
HYPE vs. Reality February 20, 2017 
New Business Opportunities

In this introductory LAB Session hosted by VNUS Fashion Innovation Platform and HERRENSCHATZ  Work & Leisure Wearin Düsseldorf, Victor Portes gave an overview and shared some key insights on what Fashion Designers, Brands, Retailers need to know to gain hands-on experience, become competitive, and stay-up-to-date in this rapid evolving world of 3D Printing.
An industry which is expected to exceed $21B in worldwide revenue by 2020.


Look out for shifting sources of profit, experiment and invest!
The outsourcing of conventional manufacturing helped spur companies such as Nike to rely more on their design skills. Likewise, 3D Printing techniques could reduce the cost and complexity of other kinds of production and force brands,

retailers and designers to differentiate their products
in other ways. 

Dutch Catwalk Business Session
Fashion Futures October 19, 2016 

by Janne Kyttanen

by Janne Kyttanen

by Materialise

The 3D Printing Industry is expected to exceed $21B in worldwide revenue by 2020*.

This is why Fashion & Retail Professionals must start to gain the knowledge on how
to capitalize on these future opportunities! In this Makerversity this Dynamic Creative Session, Victor Luis Portes Brand Communication Specialist & Founder of Dutch Catwalk 3D Printing Business Consultancy gave an overview of the disruptive nature and the added-value of 3D Printing in the Fashion & Retail market segments, while providing some strategic insights on how to manage and develop new business opportunities for Fashion & Retail Professionals and Students.

Dutch Catwalk Creative Session
Fashion Futures October 19, 2016 
3D Printing in Fashion

This Makerversity workshop gave a dynamic introductory overview of the numerous possibilities that 3D printing has to offer in the areas of fashion, design & personalization. Getting participants acquainted with the latest 3D printing fashion trends through product samples, manufacturing techniques, materials development and sustainability. Including online resources & networks and design software.


All participants received a 3D Printed Makerversity Button and the digital file (.stl). which they could customize. Designed by Alan Nguyen from Creator of Space Junk 


Dutch Catwalk
Creative LAB Sessions

@Fashion Tech Day Amsterdam

The Fashion Tech Lab Presents
360Fashion at Makersversity

Experience Tech Demonstrations, Panel Discussions, Workshops, and
an Exhibition of Smart Fashion. This is going to be epic during Amsterdam Fashion Week!

Hosted by Makerversity,  July 9th, 2016.

Kattenburgerstraat 5, Building 027E, Amsterdam

LAB Sessions

3D (Foot) Print
3D Printing  Inspiration, Design and Job Opportunities in the Footwear Industry. 

3D Printing in Fashion & Retail:
Hype vs. Opportunity

In this session will give a overview of
Pro's & Con's of 3D Printing and current its
impact on the Fashion & Retail Industry. 
Topics of discussion will Design, 3D Printing
and Material Developments.


Dutch Catwalk Creative Session
From Inspiration to Product: 
Fashion & Future Jobs in 3D Printing

At Vondel CS Amsterdam Wednesday June 1st, 2016 Venue Studio 2, from 15:30pm to 16.00pm

Dutch Catwalk Partners with 
A&E Innovation and Design 


A&E (Aida & Errit) Innovation & Design, focuses on creating and developing Human Centered Design Solutions that have a high Social Impact in the Health, Lifestyle, Culture and Education market segments. We approach every project using a formula we like to call Customer Designed Experience Solutions. 


The CDES formula designs and creates partnerships between service users and service providers. It allows for a balanced approach to solutions that involve both 
customers and services, by grounding these in the reality of the context. 

As the 3D Printing Industry booms, what does it mean for Job Seekers in the Fashion & Retail Industry? In this Dynamic Creative Session I will showcase and give some Key Insights on what Fashion Designers, Brands, Retailers need to know to gain hands-on experience, become competitive, and stay-up-to-date in this rapid evolving world of 3D Printing. For information
on the event and tickets please visit:


Gave an engaging lecture on
the impact that 3D Printing Customization will have in the Fashion, Lifestyle and Healthcare Market Segments.

DUTCH CATWALK: Inspiration Session
Retail & Marketing at the 3D Makers Zone.
Monday January 4th, 2016

The 3D Makers Zone kicked off the year with the 3D Printing Inspiration Session "Retail & Marketing" for education. Several Marketing classes from Nova College in Holland got an inspiring resentation on how 3D Printing can be used as an added-value marketing experience tool.


A number of useful unique cases were discussed, with the focus on how 3D Printing will impact the Retail Marketingsegments. Several sessions were scheduled consecutively throughout the day. The sessions were complimented by a 3D MAKERS ZONE LAB TOUR by Jeroen Verger & Maarten Verkoren both Senior Partners at the 3D Makers Zone.The outcome was that 
both students and faculty got to experience 
a variety of 3D Printed Marketing & Retail
concepts first hand!


The message at the end of the session ushered in particular: "Be studious, dig into the possibilities and techniques that 3D printing offers, this technology is here
to stay and will have a greater impact on the market more than many people do think," said Victor Portes.


                                 PEOPLE PARTNERS & POSSIBILITIES 

The Lenticular Dress by Antoine Peters
A film by Oscar Verpoort at OBA 2013

The Future of Customized Fab-Grade 3D Printing by 3D SYSTEMS

The Lenticular Dress 2.0 by Antoine Peters
A film by Oscar Verpoort at NFW 2016

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam 
Dutch Visionaries Jan 2016

Dutch Heritage Exposition Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam 2016


For Believers: Global Consulting and Recruiting 
Focused on supporting clients inside the fashion, footwear and
fashion technology industry.

10 Awesome Innovations Changing
the Future
of Fashion

Innovative, inspiring and creative: these core values uniquely characterise Modefabriek all throughout the creation of the trade show.

Medtech Partners: Medical Innovation Foundation 
Accelerating the development of medica innovations
from idea to a marketable product.

This project honors the most cutting-edge brands and
state-of-the-art mills – those pushing the envelop of design.

3D HUBS > FAIRPHONEDate: 2015 LAUNCH PROJECT collaboration
with two kick ass socially conscious companies, 3D HUBS & FAIRPHONE.

Is an agency specialised in developing concepts, managing cost
effective projects & executing powerful work products and events.

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